Babywearing in France

On our most recent trip to France, I was thrilled to see that babywearing seems to be a lot more popular and mainstream. On previous trips I’d only noticed a few buckle carriers, often worn by people who were clearly tourists.

During our trip, I saw numerous buckle carriers, including an Ergobaby and a soft stretchy buckle carrier similar to the Je Porte Mon Bébé or Infantino Hoody carrier. These carriers were so practical for visiting the weekly market where pushchairs are cumbersome in the crowds.

I also noticed a stretchy wrap worn by a maman at a play park – great for keeping baby snug whilst chasing after an older one.

I was thrilled to see a woven wrap too! Brand unknown, although I did ask, it was a beautiful autumnal toned wrap in a front cross carry.

One thing I noticed about French babywearing was the nonchalance and practicality of it. The carries may not have been perfectly tied and tightened but they were serviceable and clearly comfortable. Sometimes when babywearing safe and comfortable is fine and perfection is unrealistic, especially when chasing after an older child!

I’d love to hear about babywearing you’ve noticed in other countries!

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