Review: Firespiral Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees Wrap

Firespiral Slings is based in Bolton. Their wraps are designed and woven in the UK and their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature and perfectly reflect the natural landscape of the UK.

Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees
Weight: 275gsm
Blend: 100% cotton
Size: Originally a 5, chopped to a 3

I originally tried a tester of this wrap at Northern Sling Exhibition 2017. The cotton was so incredibly soft and silky, and my tired little boy snuggled into it. At that moment, I knew I had to buy this wrap on release.


But on the day of release, disaster – the size 3 I had wanted as a beater shortie sold out instantly and I could only get larger sizes. It was a limited release so there was nothing I could do but buy a 5 and send it for chopping.


Given the lovely dark foresty colours of this wrap, it makes the perfect beater wrap. It looks stunning on long walks in the woods, hunting gruffalo and bears of course! It never shows the mud when used as a picnic blanket, and now it is a size 3 it makes a snuggly scarf for wrap strike days.


Firespiral cotton is magic. It is soft and supportive, to the point that you would swear it was a blend. The airy Alchemy weave with the long “floats” in the weave make it cushy and comfortable. This wrap is never diggy and tightens easily.


Whilst the birch trees pattern isn’t my favourite, it is perfect for the colours of this wrap.

We use this wrap so much, it comes on holiday with us and generally lives crumpled up on the sofa, waiting for the next outing.

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