Review: Firespiral SETI Cascade Starmap

Firespiral Slings is based in Bolton. Their wraps are designed and woven in the UK and their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature and perfectly reflect the natural landscape of the UK.

SETI Cascade Starmap
Weight: 305gsm
Blend: 57% cotton, 16% viscose, 27% linen
Size: Originally a 5, chopped to a 4


As soon as I saw the cascade warp, with its undulating teal blue colours, I knew we would need a wrap from this warp. The cotton warp is complemented by a weft of alternating sets of natural viscose linen, cream cotlin and a fine beige linen. This led to the name SETI, the lines reminiscent of the lines produced by a scanner that is scanning the universe for extraterrestrial life. See the SETI Institute. With today being May the Fourth, a geeky wrap seems perfect!

With the blend being similar to Barnacle, which I loved, I was interested to try this wrap, but thought I should wait for a possible future baby and buy it on the secondhand market one day. However Firespiral’s fantastic sales were too good to miss and I ended up buying a size 5 direct from the website and chopping it down a little, to my favourite size, a 4.

First impressions are that it feels not quite as textured as Barnacle, and does need a little breaking in. However viscose softens up quickly, and it is already mouldable. It has lots of grip. Despite the gsm, it doesn’t feel thick in hand and wraps true to size.

I like viscose, it gives bounce and mouldability whilst still being very supportive. I would use this with a baby or toddler.

The warp side is my favourite, and it shines. I do like the contrast between the two sides in a multilayer carry also.

I am still crossing my fingers for what I believe would be the ultimate wrap: Barnacle Cascade! That would work perfectly, hint hint!

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