Review: Firespiral Swell Octarine Seafoam Wrap

Firespiral Slings is based in Bolton. Their wraps are designed and woven in the UK and their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature and perfectly reflect the natural landscape of the UK.


Swell Octarine Seafoam uses their Alchemy weave, which is looser and softer. It is a fairly thick wrap at 290gsm.

Tri-blend: 65% combed cotton, 20% Merino and 15% linen

Size 6

I love wooly wraps so I was so excited to try this. I actually bought it just after release, at the Northern Sling Exhibition 2017.


The cotton octarine warp is particularly soft, and the swell weft lost its wooly prickle after only one wash. Due to the linen, this took a bit more breaking in than just wool, and I would describe it still as cushy but not bandagey. It has a really good amount of grip which makes it comfy even in a rushed carry.


I know I’m not alone in considering Swell the perfect “jeans wrap” which goes with everything. The seafoam pattern happens to be one of my favourites and I think it works beautifully in the soft grey-blue of the swell weft. The contrast between the two sides also works really well.


In my base size, this is a great wrap for winter in a supportive multi layer carry, but the linen means I use it all year round. What I love about Firespiral wool is that it is machine washable on a 30 degrees delicates wash, meaning I can use this wrap whatever the weather.

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