Wrap Scrap Craft and Accessories

If, like us, you have a toddler and babywearing is become less and less frequent, you may be looking for other ways to enjoy woven wraps when your baby is older.

I love to sew and craft, so have been making use of a few wrap scraps to create some projects.

Wrap scraps are readily available from most woven wrap brands. Firespiral Slings sell them in 30x30cm squares, whereas the handwoven scraps I have used here are from Feather & Hay.

These little purses are so useful, and a way to keep your favourite woven wrap close to you.

The Christmas decoration was so simple to make, and as this fabric has some sparkle threads, it shines on the Christmas tree.

My next project will be a cowl. Cowls and scarves are a perfect way to wear wraps post-babywearing. Of course a size 2 or 3 wrap makes a great scarf by itself, but a half wrap width scarf is less bulky.

Here is a Wrapped in Stardust cowl and a Firespiral Aconite Dendron Gossamer scarf – both very much my colours as I love to wear dark red.


I’ve even seen little soft toys made from wrap scraps.

What should I sew next?

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