Stash Shot & Review

Inspired by Drowsy But Awake‘s recent post on her woven wrap stash and why she loves each one, here’s my current stash of wraps and the qualities which make each one a keeper.

As we are into the toddler years where wrapping is a little more rare, I have strict criteria for buying wraps and keep a (slightly) more minimalist collection.

Stash shot 2018

Let’s talk first about my wrap storage which I’m really quite proud of. It’s just two chrome towel racks from Aldi but they work really well. I love that I can see all my wraps but they are all still easy to get to.

From the top:

Lenny Lamb Spring – my first woven which I’ve blogged about here and which I’m saving for a future baby due to its wrap qualities: the bamboo blend and low gsm make it thin and light for small babies, as well as super soft.

Oscha Sundara Frost – see my review here. The first non-budget wrap I bought; I feel like I truly chose this wrap. I love the grip that this gives and although I rarely use it now as I prefer something thicker, it is staying forever.

To The Loom And Back Winter Rising shorty – I love this weaver and especially this particular weave pattern. I’ll be doing a Handweaver Focus on them soon. This is a fab shorty for toddler wearing and a great scarf when not. Like my Oscha, it has silk in it which, along with wool, is one of my favourite fibres.

Bebe Sachi Biru Meh Dai – this is actually t’husband’s, and is a lovely soft baby size meh dai which is very versatile.

Cariad Bach – What was I saying about wool? This is 100% wool, so mouldable and warm, yet breathable. This was a birthday present from the above mentioned husband and has huge sentimental value.

The majority of the stash is still Firespiral so here’s a little focus on these beauties.

Firespiral stash shot

Firespiral Slings is based in Bolton. Their wraps are designed and woven in the UK and their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature. I’ve blogged about why I love them here.

Aurora Obsidian Curves of Pursuit – this all cotton wonder is so very mouldable and, being base size, is very versatile. Now that I have found this I don’t think I’ll ever let it go.

SETI Cascade Starmap – deserves a proper review of its own. This blue beauty has just landed, bought in the recent sale. I wanted something with the grip and bounce of Barnacle, and so far this seems similar.

Woodsprite Burnish Birch Trees – the Burnish warp is the softest I’ve ever felt. I bought this in a 5 and chopped it down to a shorty, as, being all cotton and a fairly dark colour, it’s a great beater wrap with a toddler.

Swell Octarine Seafoam – a wool and linen blend, this denim coloured wrap complements any outfit and is wearable in summer and winter.

Not pictured: Glacier Frost Seafoam ring sling which is in daily use on the nursery run and so never gets folded away!

You might notice a colour theme going on with my stash – I love blues and teals. Once upon a time my wraps were all blue so now I shake it up a little.

I’d love to see your collections and your reasons for keeping each one.

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