Review: Oscha Slings

Oscha Slings is a British woven wrap company based in Scotland, and was the first jacquard woven sling company in Great Britain. Run by a Father and Daughter team, the wraps showcase intricate patterns and images, with a fashion forward focus.

Oscha (pronounced Oh-sha) will always have a special place in my heart as, after starting out with a couple of Lenny Lambs (which I’ve reviewed here), my first foray into the slightly more expensive world of wraps was with Oscha, and my own Oscha, a Sundara Frost, feels like the first wrap I truly chose, agonising over the decision to spend such an amount of money on a piece of cloth.

It was actually friends who got me into Oscha. My first proper real life babywearing friend, an old school friend who features in this post, told me about her Oscha, and the sister of a uni friend had a whole Oscha stash. This gave me the confidence to buy my own.

I joined the Facebook group before my wrap even arrived, keen to share photos. Oscha has a really strong North American following, possibly due to the interest in all things Celtic on that side of the pond, but the group is welcoming to all nationalities. Be sure to set up an Oscha-specific feedback link before buying or selling though!


Oscha wraps seem to hold their value pretty well, particularly the carriers (Cairis and Coorie). Several pre-orders are usually running at any one time, and Oscha are very good at listening to their customers and weaving small runs.

Review: Sundara Frost Size 4

Blend: 75% cotton, 25% wild silk

242 gsm

From the 2015 Winter Solstice collection.


The colours of this wrap spoke to me – blues and teals are my favourites, and this wrap had a real look of snow and ice.

With a 5 month old at the time, I diligently checked online and was assured that this blend would be perfect for that age – which it is!

When it arrived, it didn’t feel that soft, however it has now had so much use that it is floppy and lovely. It will never be as soft as a Firespiral but that is due to the totally different weave. Oscha wraps have a fairly tight weave and as such are not pull prone at all. The silk has a beautiful smell, and this wrap is actually really grippy.

Due to it being fairly thin, this wrap was great to practice on with a small baby. It’s seen all my mistakes, all my fails, but also some successes. The graduated colour lends itself to strand by strand tightening.


Now my baby has become a huge toddler, I don’t reach for this wrap as much, as I find slack creeps in due to his weight, and the wrap sags over time. However I really rate it for a simple ruck with a child under 18 months.

It’s the wrap that’s gone everywhere with me – even to Iceland, and suits every situation.

I can’t wait to wear this again with any potential future babies. For now it makes a great scarf!


Review: Oscha Starry Night Raven Size 7

Blend: 50% cotton, 50% linen

254 gsm

Remember I told you about my friend’s Oscha? Well here it is!


The Starry Night pattern is a real favourite with Oscha devotees, due to its uniform grip from the all over pattern. This wrap looks just like the night sky.

Whilst not usually a linen fan, this one was so well broken in and very supportive, with just the right amount of grip.

A monochrome wrap is a must-have in a stash as it goes with everything.

This is permastash for my friend and I feel honoured to have tried it.

Here’s a more in-depth review from Wrap You In Love.

What’s your favourite Oscha?


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