#ispyfispi – How I Fell In Love With All Things Firespiral

We’re all different in the babywearing world – some have a favourite blend, some have wraps from all sorts of brands, some have only high end… well for me it’s all about Firespiral Slings.

Firespiral Slings is based in Bolton. Their wraps are designed and woven in the UK and their designs are inspired by the universal patterns in nature.

They have 2 weaves: Alchemy, which is looser and softer, and Elements, which is tighter and sturdier. They also have a new double weave, Synergy, which I am yet to try, bar a quick up at the Northern Sling Exhibition.

I was first wowed by their patterns which perfectly reflect the natural landscape of the UK. However I already had 3 wraps and didn’t think I could justify more (hahaha).

Then I had a stroke of luck – I won a Firespiral Glacier Frost Seafoam size 7 in a dip (a kind of sling raffle)! With 25% merino wool, it was soft and snuggly with no itch at all. However it is quite thick and, being a novice wrapper, I found it incredibly grippy. So I chopped it to a size 3 and a ring sling. This ring sling still lives here, is used daily for the nursery run and will never leave.



I will probably do a full review of Glacier Frost at some point but what I love about Firespiral is their realism. Life with small children is rarely clean and their wool wraps can be popped in the machine on a wool setting. They even have a blog post about not worrying about a little fluffing up as it takes a lot to felt a Firespiral!

That one wrap sent me straight down the rabbit hole. I knew I needed to try more of this brand, and I adored the seafoam pattern. I headed to my local sling library to try out one of the Librarian pattern wraps and discovered 2 things – that Firespiral cotton is magical, and that I love the curves of pursuit pattern also.

Firespiral Librarian

From there it was a short step to having an almost exclusively Firespiral stash (though I love to mix it up with a few other brands). I plan to review some of the Firespirals I have tried in future posts.

It’s not just wraps – they also have handmade mugs, scarves, and other accessories.

Firespiral Mugs

The Firespiral facebook group is very active, and the brand goes out of its way to be a true community. They run competitions, focussed wrapping challenges, live videos, and really useful blog posts. They are always at sling events and even run some themselves.



They have the #ispyfispi tag and regularly feature customer photos in their newsletter. In addition, in order to stay away from the fastest finger first or draw to purchase madness of new releases, they keep some cloth back to replenish the most popular sizes, and have a preorder system for unusual sizes. They are always thinking of the customer, and I couldn’t recommend them more.

3 thoughts on “#ispyfispi – How I Fell In Love With All Things Firespiral

  1. Firespiral is my next wrap purchase (after a ring sling) but there’s too many for me to choose from! I don’t know where to start!


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