My First Wrap – Lenny Lemb Review

I think I’m probably not alone in starting off my wrapping life with the thought “I’ll just get one, the cheapest brand will do, there can’t be much difference, it’s just fabric…” Well I might laugh at myself now but I still have and love my first wrap.

I bought a Lenny Lamb Spring Size 6 Bamboo/Cotton blend, and oh my word it is so soft now. Admittedly straight out of the package it felt rather rough and stiff to me, but now 18 months on it is soft and floppy.

With a young baby this wrap is ideal, however as Little Boy got older I found it slippy, and retired it to the wrap rack. Yet a friend recently borrowed it for her 5 year old and had no problems!

The broken twill weave of this wrap, along with the simple striped pattern, means it has limited to no stretch, so I find it difficult to get a good chest pass in a back carry. However it made it super simple to tighten as a beginner.

There is always a place for budget brand wraps, before falling further down the rabbit hole. I am saving this one in case we have future babies as with a newborn it would be perfect.

Lenny Lamb Spring

I also have to confess, I never actually bought “just one wrap”! I bought a second Lenny Lamb, Misty Morning size 4, as I knew from the start that multiple sizes would be useful. This wrap has moved on but a 4 is still my favourite size.

Lenny Lamb Misty Morning

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