Slings in the time of Covid-19

I can’t pretend this has been an easy time in the Pret A Porter household. My upcoming Babywearing Consultant training has been cancelled, all baby and toddler classes cancelled, including French class which we need, and swimming which we all love, and Sling Library has gone postal only. However slings can still be a lifeline. Here are my top 3 uses for slings during this … Continue reading Slings in the time of Covid-19

Adjustable Buckles: Isara The One Review

Isara is a Romanian brand of baby carriers and woven wraps. Their buckle carrier The One purports to be a truly birth to toddler carrier, fitting babies from just 3kg. This really is one of the most adjustable carriers around. The panel can be cinched right in to provide a smaller seat for newborns, but is extendable for toddlers. The straps can be shortened for … Continue reading Adjustable Buckles: Isara The One Review

Newborn Babywearing: Mamaruga Zensling Review

You may have noticed over the last year that several brands have brought out new “newborn friendly” buckle carriers, which are much more adjustable and often made of stretch fabric. The Mamaruga Zensling is a great example of this. With a fully adjustable panel in a supersoft stretch jersey fabric, this is currently the most popular buckled carrier in our local sling library. The width … Continue reading Newborn Babywearing: Mamaruga Zensling Review

Eco-friendly living: How to green up your Babywearing

One of the major themes of the last year has certainly been the challenges facing our planet and how we can best help the environment. From Blue Planet II to Extinction Rebellion, being eco-friendly has been constantly in the news. So how does babywearing fit into this? Here are my top tips for Eco-babywearing. 1) Buy your slings secondhand There is a fantastic secondhand market … Continue reading Eco-friendly living: How to green up your Babywearing

Marie Claire October: Parenting in France

I noticed this article in Marie Claire UK this month, on the differences between parenting in the UK and in France. The author claims that French mamans are more laid back and relaxed, with fewer societal pressures, compared to English helicopter parents reading all the baby books. Whilst I can totally relate to the mention of unsolicited parenting advice in France (being told child “looks … Continue reading Marie Claire October: Parenting in France

Babywearing in France

On our most recent trip to France, I was thrilled to see that babywearing seems to be a lot more popular and mainstream. On previous trips I’d only noticed a few buckle carriers, often worn by people who were clearly tourists. During our trip, I saw numerous buckle carriers, including an Ergobaby and a soft stretchy buckle carrier similar to the Je Porte Mon Bébé … Continue reading Babywearing in France

Ring Sling Tutorial

Ring Sling Tutorial featuring our favourite Firespiral Glacier Frost Seafoam. Ring slings can seem a little daunting to the new babywearer, and I think as they can be uncomfortable if not positioned and tightened well, it’s easy to be put off. Here are my top tips for great ring slinging, step by step. First, position the rings high on your shoulder, and towards your arm … Continue reading Ring Sling Tutorial